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  • Tips to Save on Your Winter Utility Bills

  • Are you concerned about the costs of your energy bills this winter? If the costs to heat your home are regularly on the rise, there may be some tips you haven’t followed as you seek to lower your bills.

    Insulation: You can examine your home for the ways heat may escape from your doors, windows, and vents. Once these areas are caulked or covered with weather stripping, you’ll find that the heat does not leak out. If you can feel any cold air from coming in, then those are the areas where heat continues to escape. Close the gaps.

    Humidifiers: A humidifier releases moisture into the air. The humid air is warm and holds heat better than dry air. In addition, be sure to keep your inside plants watered, which will also help bring up the moisture level in your home.

    Ceiling Fans: When your ceiling fans are on in the winter, they help to circulate the heat in your home. Run them clockwise to ensure the heated air is being forced downward. If they are running counterclockwise, the air is forced to flow upward and away from the area you want to keep warm.

    Thermostat: If you have a new thermostat you should be able to adjust the temperature settings to correspond with different times of day. If there is a difference from 10 to 15 degrees, for example, when no one is at home, you might save as much as 10% on your bill each year.

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