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  • Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Air Conditioning Repair | CoolFactoryServices.comIt is more cost effective to repair your home or business air conditioner than it is to replace it. The goal of our company is to do all we can to repair your system before replacing it. Cool Factory Services has been serving satisfied customers in the Northern Virginia and D.C. regions for more than 20 years. Our licensed and insured technicians provide effective and efficient solutions, which include 24/7 emergency services.

    Count on our services to keep you cool. Much of our success has grown from word-of-mouth referrals for air conditioning repair in Fairfax, VA. We specialize in both residential and commercial HVAC systems. We have answered many questions about the most common signs that an air conditioner needs repairs or possibly replacement. Over the years, some of the most prevalent sources of problems we’ve seen include:

    • HVAC System Is More than 10 Years Old
    • Increased Energy Bill
    • Some Rooms Are Too Hot or Too Cold
    • Unusual Noises from AC System
    • Excessive Humidity Inside the Building
    • Dust Accumulation

    Take advantage of our free estimates and contact us as soon as you notice any problems with your AC system. We serve customers throughout Fairfax, VA, as well as in all of the surrounding areas.


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