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  • It’s not always easy to know when your appliances need repairing or replacing. But the last thing you want is to have your furnace break in the middle of a cold harsh winter day.  If you’ve never noticed any problems coming from your furnace, it still pays to have it checked before the chill of the outside can disrupt your comfort inside. Following are some of the most common signs indicating you should have your furnace checked for repairs and maybe even a replacement:

    • Age of your furnace. Based on extensive research by a number of federal and commercial entities, the average life of a residential furnace is between 16 and 20 years. If your furnace is approaching old age, do your replacement research before an emergency, so that you have time to make the right decision.
    • Increased heating bill. An aging furnace becomes less efficient over the years. If yours is approaching old age, you may not get the amount of heat you need at the same time your gas and electric bills rise.
    • Frequent repairs in the last few years. Furnaces break from time to time and need new parts to run properly. The older your furnace, the harder it may be to find the parts you need. Just like an older car, a furnace tends to break most often in its last couple of years.
    • Unusual sounds coming from the furnace. You should never hear any bangs, rattles, or squealing noises coming from your furnace. Also, if the blower continually runs or blows less than warm air, check with a professional as soon as possible.
    • The thermostat isn’t responsive. Do you feel that some rooms are too cold while others are too hot? Or are you always trying to adjust your thermostat to make your home more comfortable? This is a sign that your furnace lacks the ability to properly distribute the air to keep you comfortable in your home.
    • The flame of the burner is yellow instead of blue. Make sure the flame color in your furnace stays blue; otherwise a toxic carbon monoxide gas could be present.

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