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  • The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit



    Chances are your local electric company provides free or low-cost home energy audits. You might even be eligible for a free or discounted audit as a customer.  Auditing your home energy shows you which areas lose energy and how to fix those spots to save on your utility bill. If you hire a professional to conduct your audit, be sure to get a list–ranked by priority level–of what you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Also, keep a list of the ways your home or apartment may be wasting energy, such as:

    • Drafts
    • Improper Insulation
    • Fixtures Not Running Right
    • Furnace Runs Unevenly
    • Blocked Ductwork

    The benefits of a home energy audit may help lower your energy bills, keep your household more comfortable in hot and cold weather, prolong the lifespan of your HVAC equipment, and help you discover the sources of any wasted energy consumption. Even if you don’t conduct your own home energy audit you can check out basic areas such as the location of air leaks, how well insulation is working, and keeping track of usage estimates on your home appliances.

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